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Detroit Deep Dish is the latest pizza craze sweeping across America after winning prestigious competitions like the International Pizza Expo. Having tried these in the States, we craved Detroit Deep Dish in Sydney. Nothing was satisfying the craving, so we took matters into our own hands – literally.

We husled for over a year to create authentic Detroit Deep Dish. We imported pans from the States, spent months experimenting with different flours from all over the world, trying various fermentation techniques for the perfect 24+ hour fermented dough, and creating our signature cheese blend to give us the holy grail of Detroit Deep Dish – those perfectly caramelised, cheesy, crunchy corners!

Ditch New York’s thin, wide, floppy pizzas and Chicago’s burly deep-dish ones, and sink your teeth in Detroit’s thick, square pies. The Husl is real.

Make Leftovers Great Again

Got leftover pizza? Impressive restraint! Here’s our recommendation to reheat at yours:

Step 1
Lightly oil a fry pan and heat it over medium-high
Step 2
Add the leftover slices, lower the heat to medium and cover the fry pan
Step 3
Cook until heated through, 3 to 5 minutes

Time to dig in – Now give yourself a chef’s kiss!

Husl Pizza

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